Sophia Garrett - Studio S

“I don’t know why I didn’t switch banks sooner.”

When talking with Sophia Garrett, owner of Studio S, she had these nice comments to say about her relationship with United Bank of Iowa, “Working with UBI has been easy and convenient. Whitney goes out of her way to communicate with me and made the whole process of switching to UBI simple. Most of our communication was over text or a phone call, which was the main reason I decided to work with Whitney and UBI. When something couldn’t be done over the phone, I was able to travel to the location closest to me, making it convenient for me and my time.”

She continued, “I don’t know why I didn’t switch banks sooner! With multiple locations and the ability to do business over the phone, I was able to switch everything to UBI and couldn’t be happier. UBI has always been courteous of my time and was willing to work with me at nights and even on the weekends. Owning a salon makes it difficult to get out during normal business hours.” When asked if Sophia would recommend UBI to a friend or family member she responded, “I have already referred multiple people to switch banks! Everything is easier when you know your banker and you really trust them with your finances and your business. Having 35 locations is also a bonus!”

Pictured above: Whitney Reimers, lender from our Moorhead office, with Sophia Garrett.