Staying strong for you.

Statement of Condition

Building a Solid Foundation

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed substantial capital growth and have built our reserves. This means only one thing for our customers and community ... we’re a strong, secure and growing community bank that is dedicated to meeting and exceeding our goals.

We’re proud to share our financial performance and invite you to examine the details of what gives us the strength to serve.

(as of December 31, 2023)


Cash & Balances with Corresponding Banks $48,411,000
US Government & Agencies Securities
(available for sale)
State, Municipal and Other Securities
(held to maturity)
Fed Funds Sold $0
Total Investments $718,108,000
Loans $1,588,802,000
Reserve for Loan Losses -$20,337,000
Premises & Fixtures $32,783,000
Other Assets $101,214,000
TOTAL ASSETS $2,420,570,000


Capital $200,000
Surplus $47,148,000
Undivided Profits $128,340,000
Total Capital $175,688,000
Other Liabilities $392,141,000
Deposits $1,852,741,000
Total Capital & Liabilities $2,420,570,000