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Online Banking

Access Your Money 24/7

Life gets busy, which is why we offer you a way to connect to your money when it’s convenient for you. With Online Banking you can manage your accounts from your personal computer, tablet or cell phone day or night.

You can quickly and safely:

  • Check account balances 
  • View account transaction history
  • View your check images 
  • Transfer funds between your United Bank of Iowa accounts
  • Transfer funds to your accounts at other banks by providing the bank name, routing number, and account number
  • Make loan payments
  • View and print your statement online
  • Pay bills
  • Make person-to-person electronic payments
  • Download information to Quicken™, QuickBooks® or Microsoft® Money
  • Download information to Microsoft Office products such as Excel and Word 
  • Manage your finances – categorize transactions; track budgets, spending habits, and savings goals
  • Request stop payments 
  • Send a secure message to us about questions on your accounts. 
  • Customize your landing page with the functions you want to see when you log in
  • Use Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit* - It’s Free!

* Data and message fees may apply. Check with your wireless carrier for details.


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Online Security

Security is critical when it comes to financial transactions. To prevent outside interference, we utilize high-end firewalls and exclusive encryption software. You will also have a unique access ID and password to access account information. Do not write your password down anywhere, memorize it and keep it confidential. The Secure Site Padlock lets you know your information is safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have forgotten my password! What should I do?

A: Use the automatic Forgot Your Password feature and follow the prompts to reset it.

Q: How long will my account history remain in Online Banking?

A: You will be able to see 13 months of account history at all times.

Q: When I transfer money, when will it post to my account or loan?

A: Transfers are real-timed throughout the day and will post to your account instantly. Any transfers made after 5:00 PM will post on the next business day.

Q: What happens the first time I log in to Online Banking?

A: The first time you log in, you will be prompted to change your password for security reasons. Please refer to the notes provided regarding password requirements. You will then be asked a series of verification questions.

Q: My Online Banking User ID is a 12-digit number. Do I have to put that number in each time I log on?

A: No, you may use the 12-digit number the first time, but after that you can create an “alias” to use for future logins. They will ask you to create this during your enrollment process.

Q: How do I enroll in Bill Pay?

A: To enroll, simply log in to Online Banking and click the Bill Pay tab. You will select the accounts you want to pay from and set up your payees. 

Q: Whom may I pay through Bill Pay?

A: You may pay virtually anyone. Payments to an address outside the U.S. are not allowed.

Q: When are Bill Pay transactions processed?

A: For Electronic payments, allow 3–4 business days from the processing date. 

For Checks, allow 5–7 business days from the processing date.

Q: How long is Bill Pay payment history viewable online?

A: Payment history for active and deleted payees is viewable for 18 months.

Q: Can an existing payee that is already set up on Bill Pay be edited?

A: The only thing that can be edited on an existing electronic payee is the alias name on the account, and the account number. If you want to change anything else, the payee must be deleted and re-entered. On check payees all fields can be edited.

Q: Are there any fees associated with Online Banking?

A: Online and Mobile Banking services and Bill Pay are free to our customers, however, data and message fees may apply from your mobile provider.