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Family Business Matters

Considering More Grain Storage for Farm

Feed Yard Losses Near Triple Digits

Canada Slaps Tariffs on US Beef

Interest Rates on the Rise for Farmers

U.S. - China Trade Dispute Opens 'Window of Opportunity' for Corn, Soybean Investors

June 2018

From the Aussie to Soybeans and Cars: What's at Risk in a Trade War?

USDA's Crop Ratings Move Ahead for Corn, Drop for Soybeans

The Farm Economy: How Bad is It?

Ag Tech Recruitment: Do You Need Ag Experience to Work in Ag Tech?

Farm Sector Fears Large Losses 

All Eyes on the Corn Market

Farm Programs and Farm Income: A Broken Linkage

Iowa Energy Continues Despite Strategy

Unlock Nutrient-Use Efficiency with Sidedress N

May Maize Maladies

Beef Cow Herd Expansion Slowing?

Plan B For Dicamba

Chicago Fed Reports Quarterly Land Value Increases

Crop Watch

Iowa's Beginning Farmer Tax Credit On Hold Until 2019

AgVantage Newsletter

May 2018

What Is The Cost Of Keeping An Open Cow?

Australia Makes It's Move In Global Beef Market

USDA Trade Data Update

Rising Interest Rates Squeeze Profits

Starting Strong With Starter Fertilizers

Loop In Lenders

Clarify Your Culture

April 2018

A Look At Long Term Corn and Soybean Profitability 

Five Cut Costing Tactics

Four Things To Consider While Waiting For Planting To Begin

2018 Plant Considerations

The Ag Economy Decline Is Over, But The Recovery Is Slow

U.S. and China Trade Tariff Barbs, Others Scoop Up U.S. Soybeans

DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

March 2018

Iowa Farm Outlook

Co-op Tax Benefit to be Fixed This Month, Law Maker Says

Farm Groups Fear Retaliation on Tariffs

Trade War? A Guide to U.S. Ag Exports

AgVantage Newsletter

February 2018

Bean Costs Slightly Down, Corn Costs Flat '18

Tools Help Taxpayers Understand Filing Process

Budget Beware: Manage Overhead Costs

UBI Hosts Ag Seminar with Dr. Brent Gloy

Perdue Unveils USDA Farm Bill Priorities 

USDA Funds Record Number of Loans in 2017

Somber But Hopeful Picture

Some Farms Don't Have a Tax Problem, Says Farm Manager

Forces That Will Shape the Rural Economy for 2018

Welcome to the Litigious Age

U.S. Corn Exports Gain Momentum on Weak Dollar Tailwind

Beginning Farmers Gather to Network

January 2018

N Prices on the Rise

Ready or Not, Here Comes 2018

Iowa Farm Outlook

Do You Have Enough or Not Enough Farm Insurance?

When Parents Won't Discuss Plans

Farmers Withstood Year 4 of a 7-Year Down Cycle

December 2017

Evaluate Firms Before Entering Deferred Price Contracts

Locking Down a Price

November 2017

Agvantage Newsletter

Bankers Gearing Up for Difficult Conversations

Making corn harvesting, drying and shrink decisions

U.S. Ag Exports: USDA Data Update, NAFTA Worries Persist

Seven Factors to Consider for Your Planned Grain Storage Expansion

Surging Cattle Prices - Successful Farming

UBI Ag Lenders participate in Renewal Training 

October 2017

Prepare for Tax Planning Season 

Moving Grain: Closed Section of Ohio River Re-Opens with Large Back-Log

DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices move higher on Increased Barge Rates

Outlook: Long-term pricecycle shows continued pain

Analysis of Farm Business Available through FINPACK - ISU Extension

USDA Lowers Soybean Ending Stocks, Sparks Rally

September 2017

2017 Net Farm Income Estimated Higher, Remains Low - David Widmar

Landus Research Plot Showcase

Agvantage Newsletter

Combine settings for variable crop conditions - Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

Corn Stocks to Remain Above the Comfort Zone - Brian Grete

July 2017

How much $ does it take to become a farmer? - Shawn Williamson

U.S. Farmers Surprise Market, Plant More Corn, USDA Says - Mike McGinnis

Corn Water Use and Evapotranspiration - Mark Licht, Sotirios Archontoulis, and Jerry Hatfield

June 2017

How Fast and Deep do Corn Roots Grow in Iowa? - Sotirios Archontoulis, Mark Licht, and Raziel Antonio-Ordenez

What are you doing differently?! - Dr. David Kohl 

Read our latest issue of the Agvantage newsletter! 

May 2017

Cash Rental Rates for Iowa 2017 Survey - Ag Decision Maker

Fall N Availability - Greg Klinger and Anne Struffert

April 2017

When Will the Market Rebound? Ben Potter

5 Things to watch in 2018 Farm Bill and Agricultural Legislation - Gil Gullickson

"Cold, Saturated Soil Effects on Corn germination and Emergence" 

"Scenario Planning" What to consider when making a "worst case" plan - Dr. David Kohl 

Why have farm family living expenses been identified as a problem? by Tim Eggers for the ISU Ag Decision Maker

January 2017

Kiley Todd, Todd Schultz, Bob Roby present at Women in Denim 

September 2016

Jeff Neubaum visits South Central Calhoun - Lake City, IA

Fuel the Farmer - Rockwell City area

August 2016

UBI lenders spend a day with Dr. David Kohl