BaZing Saver Stories

Everyone loves saving money - especially when you're saving on things that you would buy anyway! Read on to discover some BaZing! success stories!

"When planning a trip to the upcoming Iowa State Fair, I knew we would need to book a hotel room. Before making our reservations, I thought I should take a look on the BaZing site to see what hotels were offering their discount. I'm so glad I did that because we ended up saving almost $40 a night on our room by using the BaZing discount!"

-a Sac City Customer Service Associate


"During a recent cold snap, my daughter, who goes to school in Sioux Falls, needed a locksmith. Her car battery had died, her key fob would not work and she broke her key off in her lock! I remembered a story about BaZing being able to assist someone when they locked their keys in their car, so I tried calling. Unfortunately, it was after hours. In the meantime, my daughter’s boyfriend had contacted a locksmith. I had noticed on the BaZing app that you are able to use your own provider and submit your receipt for the service to be reimbursed up to $80. I wasn’t sure if I would get a reimbursement since the receipt was in my daughter’s boyfriend’s name but thought I would give it a try. I emailed BaZing and explained the situation and received a response back fairly quickly stating that I would receive a refund in a couple week. My $80 check was in my mailbox yesterday!"

-a Holstein customer 

“Earlier this fall, I had a vacation to the East Coast planned. As I was heading out at 4 AM to catch my flight, I discovered that I had locked myself out of my vehicle! Frantic to catch my flight, I called a locksmith to come help me out. Once my car had been unlocked and I had made it to the airport just in time to catch my flight, I remembered that I have Roadside Assistance through BaZing. I had paid for the unlock service out of pocket that morning, but still took a chance and contacted BaZing once I had returned home to see if they would honor the service. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that BaZing would reimburse me the $80 that they normally pay for a lock-out service…all I had to do was send a bank statement showing my out-of-pocket transaction! BaZing is definitely worth it!”

-a Denison customer

"While on vacation I reminded myself to check the BaZing App for local savings and let me tell you, it was well worth it! Did you know Top Golf has an offer for $10.00 off through the Bazing App? Such a fun place and even better when you get a discount! I didn’t even have to show our attendant the code. All you do is type it on the computer when you check into your bay.  We also ended up going to an amusement park, but the employee didn’t accept the discount. I was really disappointed because it would have saved us $78.00, but then I remembered the BaZing Guarantee. BaZing will compensate you the estimated amount of the discount that was not honored up to $100. All I had to do was click on the “I had a problem” button under the merchant.  It asked me to take a picture of my receipt, answer a few questions, and then they sent the reimbursement check in the mail. Talk about an Easy Button. Thanks BaZing!"

-V.P Retail Banking, UBI


"I recently needed to have a vehicle towed. It was stranded on the side of the road on a Sunday afternoon so I called my local mechanic for a tow. Later, I saw a reminder about the towing service through BaZing and called  BaZing customer service about my recent tow.  They told me what I needed to do to get a refund on the bill from my local mechanic. Within a day, I received a response from BaZing telling me they would be glad to get me my refund as soon as they received the necessary information from me (which was simply the bill for the towing). I was very satisfied with the courtesy and promptness of everyone I worked with!"

-a Moville customer


"My cell phone fell out of my pocket while I was changing sweeps on the field cultivator this spring. Before I knew it was missing, my dad had lowered the cultivator and one of the sweeps set right down on my phone crushing the screen. Thankfully, my cell phone bill is deducted from my checking account that has the BaZing rewards including cell phone protection. The insurance paid $149 of my $199 deductible for Verizon!"

-a Rolfe customer


"After receiving a BaZing email about Samsung savings with BaZing, I was quick to take advantage of the deal and get a new smartwatch and saved $25!" 

- a Rockwell City customer


"My daughter was going to Adventureland and checked BaZing for some deals. She was able to save $10 for each ticket and saved a total of $40! That’s almost one free admission! Everyone was excited!"

- a Rockwell City customer

"One morning we woke up to a flat tire on our car. We don’t have anyone in town that comes to fix tires so we called BaZing’s Roadside Assistance and someone came to our home and changed the tire. BaZing pays up to $80 which covered the whole cost. Free for us! Two weeks later, we locked ourselves out of our car. Again, I called BaZing’s Roadside Assistance and someone arrived within 30 minutes! During the entire wait, they stayed in touch every 5-10 minutes with an update. Again, BaZing covered the entire cost! What a wonderful benefit to have with my checking account at UBI!"

- an Ida Grove customer

"I can’t believe how much I saved with BaZing! My husband lost 60 pounds since the last time he needed to wear a suit and a sudden death in the family warranted a new suit. As the cashier at Men’s Warehouse is ringing up our items, I checked my phone for BaZing coupons. Low and behold there it was – 40% off your entire purchase! We saved $359.60! Thank you BaZing and UBI!"

- Ida Grove AVP Office Manager

"I recently dropped my cell phone and cracked the screen. I took it to Zombie Mobile Repair in Denison to be repaired. The bill was $127.99. I submitted a claim along with my bank statement and Verizon bill, BaZing sent me a check back for $77.99! It was great!"

-a Denison customer

"My daughter called me from the Altoona Outlet Mall in a panic because she had locked herself out of her car and had to get back to West Des Moines to go to work. The keys to her apartment were also on her key chain so she couldn't have a friend go to her apartment and get her spare set of keys. Her roommate was also gone for the weekend, so she couldn't get into her car or her apartment. I called BaZing for roadside assistance and they were there within 45 minutes...we thought that was speedy for Des Moines. There was no cost to us and the service from BaZing was amazing! They called and told her how many minutes out they were and they kept communicating with her to find her exact location. It was so nice to be able to help her even though I was in Ida Grove."

-an Ida Grove customer

"We've used BaZing for free drinks at Bamboo village in Onawa twice. My husband has used it for free coffee with gas in Dunlap about 10 times already. He also uses it at various Burger Kings, Subways and Taco Johns etc. in the Sioux City/Onawa and Omaha/Blair areas. Since he travels a ton for work, we are obviously getting our $6 worth per month."

 -a Denison customer

"While my husband and I were shopping at Westroads in Omaha, we could smell the sweet aroma of fresh baked pretzels. The smell triggered me to open BaZing and look for super savings around us! I found a coupon for Auntie Anne’s pretzels, but I was unsure if the address was correct.

It turned out it was not the correct address, but the clerk helping us agreed to honor it. It was buy one signature pretzel get one free, so not only did my husband and I each get the pretzel we wanted, we saved our pocket book $3.39!

-a Denison customer

"I received a free dessert at Taco John’s in Storm Lake – I chose the donut bites. They were delicious and the monetary value of the savings was $1.69 – but to me (and my sweet tooth) it was worth so much more!!"

-an Ida Grove customer

"I go to Taco Johns a lot and usually spend around $20 every time whether it is with my mother in law or with mysister. Both times I’ve gone lately I have used my app and only paid $8dollars because with the Taco John's coupon its buy one get one free. I love that I'm saving a bunch of money and getting a free meal!

-a Storm Lake customer

"I used the $5.00 off when buying $25.00 of beef at Food Pride this summer."

-an Ida Grove customer

I knew that my Sam's Club membership needed to be renewed and had noticed that there was a deal for a $10.00 gift card with renewal. We stopped in Ames on our way home from shopping in Des Moines and used the coupon. My husband and I have used the Pizza Ranch deal.

-a Rockwell City customer

"When on vacation, as we pulled into a community, I would check Bazing for specials and lodging opportunities. One special worth noting was EAA Air Venture museum in Oshkosh. Buy one admission get one free. Savings was $12.50. We would have gone to museum even without the savings.

One of our businesses, signed up with a BaZing special, even though their business is word of mouth. When one of the owners got their AAA bill, and compared the cost, they came in to sign up with BaZing just for the Roadside Assistance. I have personally been to the business to use the offered special. When I pulled out my phone recently to pull up the mobile coupon, the spouse remembered there was a Bazing deal, just from seeing the phone and asked how much of discount I was to get."

-Fort Dodge branch manager

"I dropped my phone and the screen shattered. I still had my insurance through Verizon, so I filed the claim with them and had a $149 deductible to replace my phone. I then filed the claim with BaZing for the deductible amount and received my $99 check last week. It's always such a sinking feeling when something happens to your phone, but the $99 check made me feel a lot better, since it only ended up costing me $50 to replace it instead of $149. Not that I want anything to happen to my phone, but it will be nice to be able to have a firsthand experience to share with our customers and I'll be able to walk them through the claims process."

-Sac City Consumer Loan Officer

I was going to take a family vacation to Colorado to the kids’ grandparents house.
I then got online and checked if BaZing had the same hotel and they did for around 100 with the no cancelation price. With that price I booked and will next time look on Bazing before I book a hotel thru any other cite.

-an Ida Grove customer

"I was the first to use BaZing at the Rec Center when I renewed my membership. While using it the receptionist at the desk asked me what that app was. I told her all about the app and the checking account it comes with upon which she replied "I am going to have to see about getting that type of checking account." I also was first to use it at our local winery. I went out for their Bluegrass and Gumbo evening the weekend of the 4th and purchase some gift items where I got 5.00 off."

-an Ida Grove customer

My mom went to go get her prescriptions filled a few weeks ago. She was very upset and said she had just paid $98. She gets them filled 3 times a year. She said she might have to not fill one of the more expensive ones, and be in a lot of pain. I told her about BaZing. We share an account. She didn’t understand it so I went up to Thrifty for her and told them to add it to her account. They said any reimbursements would get mailed to her and the health savings code would be saved in her account for future use. She came into the bank all excited and had a $72 check in hand. She only paid $26 dollars for her prescriptions which will save her $216 for that prescription alone. She came in to see me again last week to tell me she saved another $25 on her other prescription. She lives on a fixed income and this has helped her tremendously!

-a Denison customer