Tips To Prevent Debit Card Fraud

Blocking & Unblocking Your Debit Card

Having the ability to block and unblock your debit card can prevent fraud and give you peace of mind when using your card. For example, if you’re out shopping and leave your debit card behind, you can simply block the card yourself so no one else can use it. Once you have the card safely back in your possession, you can unblock it. You can manage your card without having to call the bank and not worry that someone will use it fraudulently.

Set up Debit Card Alerts

Did you know you can set up alerts to notify you by text message or email for debit card transactions? Setting up alerts is a great way to prevent fraud on your debit card and save you time, hassle and possibly money! You can set alerts for the following:
  • Fraud
  • International transactions
  • Transaction Amount
  • Online transactions
A customer received a test message of an online transaction that was posted to their account for purchases they did not authorize. The customer acted quickly, blocked their card and notified the bank so we could take the necessary steps to avoid further fraudulent transactions. This customer was very thankful they had alerts set up and were able to block their card until the problem was resolved.
Getting Set up is Easy
Simply use the Card Management feature listed in the menu on our Mobile Banking app and follow the instructions. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact your local UBI office.