The United Difference - Strong Connections

Many of our employees are active in their communities and have other interests they are passionate about. If you know Jeff Neubaum, our Regional Branch Manager based out of the Rockwell City office, you know that he loves football! Like many dads, he coached his three boys’ youth teams, however he takes it a step further! You can also find him decked out in black and white stripes under the Friday night lights officiating a high school football game. He officiates high school, junior varsity and middle school games, and also volunteers as an official for the 5th and 6th grade teams when needed. This year he has 10 varsity and 6 junior varsity games already on the calendar and likely more to come. This past summer, Jeff was recognized with a plaque from the Iowa High School Athletic Association for reaching the 25-year milestone as an official.

Why does Jeff continue to do this? In addition to simply having a passion for football and a competitive nature, he enjoys working with the coaches and the kids. Jeff commented, “It’s rewarding to make a difference in athlete’s lives by helping them learn the game and practice good sportsmanship, even though it may mean sacrificing some time with my family.” Being part of the officiating crew is a rewarding experience and he has worked with some great guys over the years. They ride to the games together, review rules, take tests to keep their certifications, focus on doing their best job, and always have each other’s back. Jeff continued, “Officiating is really very comparable to banking in many aspects. Being part of a team working together to serve others and having a network system of support behind you . . . that’s also my environment at United Bank of Iowa. Having strong connections with my crew, the coaches, and the athletes is comparable to relationships we build as lenders and bankers with our customers and community.”