The Seidl Family

"UBI is the best fit to meet our needs. They are very informative, competitive, and we just like how they operate." 

The Seidl's are a three generation family that United Bank of Iowa is honored to get the chance to work with. Pictured above, from left to right are, Erin, Nick and Oliver Seidl, Loan Officer Jim Friel, and Steve and Sue Seidl.

They are very complimentary of the service that United Bank of Iowa and Jim have provided them. Steve said "When we first came to United Bank of Iowa and wanted to buy land from the family farm the process went very smoothly. Then, when my son Nick joined the partnership, the FSA paperwork was all laid out for us and we felt very informed throughout the entire process." 

Nick added that "everyone at United Bank of Iowa is always very helpful, easy to work with and they tell it how it is. They make it easy to do business with them."

Steve also noted that "there is a very good working relationship between the bank officers and us. I know that at any time I can call or stop in to talk to Jim and he will be very open and honest with me."

Pictured above are Loan Officer Jim Friel from our Carroll office, Sue Seidl, Nick Seidl, and Steve Seidl.