The Bardole Family

"United Bank of Iowa is not afraid of ag loans."

The Bardole family shared their experience working with Andy Hunziker, their loan officer from our Boone office. “United Bank of Iowa has been great to us. We banked with other banks before UBI and none of them compare to the service and knowledge that UBI has offered to us. When we made the decision to switch, we knew Andy was the right person to help us get our operation running smoothly. He is trustworthy and we can always count on him.“

They also commented, “We rely on Andy to let us know what is changing and appreciate how he helps us. Andy understands ag and what’s happening outside of the field. UBI was very helpful with PPP loans and is always there to help with anything we need for our operation. Being able to trust your banker and know they won’t let you down is why we would refer everyone to bank at UBI.”

Pictured above:  Schyler, Timothy, Roy and Peter Bardole with Andy Hunziker, lender from our Boone office