Staci Rohlk - 5th Grade

The Ida Grove office recently enjoyed a visit from Staci Rohlk's OABCIG 5th grade TAG class. The students took a short tour of the bank and heard from employees in six different departments within United Bank of Iowa. They were interested in hearing about how accuracy is important and how math is used in different professions. After the tour, many of the students said that they are interested in working in banking and that they didn’t know how many different jobs people do within a bank.

Brook Boeckman (Consumer Loan Officer) spoke about making loan payments and the importance of having good credit. 

Pat Bielenberg (Teller & New AccountsTraining Coordinator) stressed the importance of knowing your balance so you aren't charged an overdraft fee.

Molly Woerdehoff (VP of Human Resources) helped the students understand payroll and how she and her department must be very accurate and diligent with following all laws. 

Taylor Walker (Marketing Clerk) explained her job as the bank's graphic designer and how important it is to be accurate when making ads that will show up in newspapers and online. 

Dana Meyer (Financial Officer) told the kids about the large reports that she runs in Excel and how much math is involved to make sure that all the numbers match up.

Linda Schoenherr (Head Teller) gave the students an inside look at the vault, answered their questions about ordering money for the bank, and showed them the coin counter. The vault and coin counter are always the highlights of the kid's time at the bank.