Shazam Brella (formerly known as Shazam Bolt$) Success Stories


Protect yourself from being a victim to fraud, for free! 

Customers can set alerts for any dollar amount on their Shazam Brella app. This means if you set your transaction limit to $5.00, every time your debit card is used for $5.00 or more you will receive an alert by text or email. Shazam Brella even allows you to stop all international and online transactions. You can even change these blocks by yourself at any time.

"I received a text in the middle of the night that transactions were being done via phone/internet on my debit card. It displayed where the transactions were happening. I knew that I did not use my card where the locations were being displayed, so I tapped on the phone number in the text (which called Shazam). I talked to Shazam and told them to block my debit card and to order me a new card. While I was on the phone with them my phone was showing other texts of transactions that were unauthorized as well. I'm so glad I had Shazam Bolt$. I was able to block my card quickly and did not lose any money out of my account. I received a new card quickly and easily added the new card to my Shazam Bolt$ app."

- an Ida Grove customer

"I was at home and got a text message from Shazam that my card was used at Ipic Theater and the amount exceeded the limit of $100.00, so I called the bank. Upon looking at my card, they saw that it was also attempted to be used at Ipic Theater again for another $50.00. Before I called the bank I had put a block on my debit card through Shazam Bolt$. As time passed I received two more texts about my card being used online. Both transactions were for only $1.00, which would have ran through my account had my card not already been blocked."

- an Ida Grove customer


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