Sac City - SCC Ag Business Class

Jeff Neubaum, our Sac City branch manager, was recently invited to South Central Calhoun to speak to Mr. Brian Lantz's Ag Business class. Jeff's hands on knowledge with cash flow budgets and financial ratios complemented what the class had been learning this semester.

"In the 45 minutes I was given with the class, we discussed creating a cash flow for all consumers, including the challenge for each student to prepare their own budget and cash flow. I had many students ask questions about how to start the cash flow and what should be included within it.

We only touched lightly on financial statements, but utilized that conversation to start with some of the more basic ratio analysis that I use and how the current ratio and working capital spreads allowed us as a lender to start the cash flow for our customers. We discussed how the “proceeds to be used” and “use of proceeds” would begin to put their cash flow in order and allow them to understand what obligations would be covered and what might happen if they did not have enough money to repay those commitments.

It was a very fun opportunity and I have been invited back prior to the completion of the second semester to hopefully conclude some of their studies. I left all of the students with a consumer application that needs to be completed for our next tutorial."