Early education makes all the difference.

Ubi Kids Savings Club

Ubi the Money Bee Makes Saving Fun

We are just buzzin' with excitement to teach children (and parents) to save so you can reach your financial goals. To accomplish this, we've designed a unique savings account and certificate of deposit with special interest rates to get you started. Both of these accounts are available to children age 12 and under, with the child as the primary account holder.

Ubi Kids Savings Club

The secret to saving is to get started early and put money in your savings account regularly. Even if you start with a small amount, we recommend you put money into a savings account weekly or monthly. Check out the unbeelievable perks of this account:

  • $25 Match: United Bank of Iowa will match your first $25 deposit so you can open the account with a $50 balance. This is our way of helping you get started!
  • Bonus Interest Rate: this account offers a bonus interest rate on balances up to and including $1,000. Any balance over $1,000 earns the United Savings rate. Contact any office for the current BONUS interest rate. This is a really sweet deal!

 *Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective as of December 1, 2020 and subject to change after account opening. Ubi Kids Savings Club Account: $0.01-$1,000.00: 0.50% APY; $1,000.01 and greater: 0.01% APY. No minimum balance to obtain APY. Minimum required balance to open account and obtain $25 bonus - $25.00. Bonus will be paid upon receipt of the first $25.00 deposit at account opening. Subject to account approval. The value of the bonus may be added as interest for IRS 1099-INT reporting purposes.


Ubi Kids Savings Club CD

(Certificate of Deposit)

When you reach a $1,000 balance in your savings account, consider opening a CD. It is a honey of a deal!

  • Special Rate (contact any office for the current rate)
  • Minimum balance: $1,000
  • Maximum balance: $10,000 aggregate
  • Term: 12 months 
  • Renewal: renews to regular 12 month rate


Birthday Card

Club members receive a birthday card from United bank of Iowa with a REAL $2.00 bill. Wow! You might want to watch your mail so you don't miss it!


See How Your Money Will Grow

This simple chart will give you an idea of how your savings will grow.


Monthly Deposit $10 $25 $50
4 Years $561 $1,320 $2,585
8 Years $1,127 $2,726
12 Years $1,754 $4,283 $8,496

Calculations based on APY of 2.55%, no withdrawal, compounded quarterly, and an opening balance of $50.


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Hi kids, I’m Ubi the Money Bee, and I think saving is sweet! I want to help you learn about banking and saving money while having fun!