OABCIG Wrestling Sportsmanship Trophies

Congratulations to the schools who won the 2018 UBI sportsmanship trophies at the Herb Irgens Invitational Wrestling Tournament:

1st place - Sioux Center (pictured on home page and below with UBI employees Linda Schoenherr and Jean Burns)

2nd place - Carroll

3rd place - Akron-Westfield

This is the 23rd year United Bank of Iowa has sponsored the sportsmanship trophies at this tournament hosted by OABCIG High School and held on January 19 and 20. We are very proud of the hard work of the athletes and also believe the schools who have displayed the best sportsmanship should be recognized. Tournament officials and school representatives cast their votes for the schools they feel have displayed the best sportsmanship based on the conduct of the wrestlers, coaches, and fans.

Linda Schoenherr, Sioux Center Wrestling Team, and Jean Burns