Nick Billings - Car Loan testimonial

After doing months of research, Nick finally found the exact Jeep he wanted to purchase. "I drove over 8 hours to pick up the new car and drive it home. Brook, my loan officer, and I had met before I left and all the paperwork was signed and completed. I was confident that I wouldn't have any issues. When I arrived at the car dealership, they told me they wouldn't accept a personal check from me, even though I could show them that the money was in my account." After a quick phone call to Brook, she was able to work with the dealership while Nick was still there to get them the money. He ended up driving home in his new Jeep an hour later.

After this experience, Nick said, "I was glad I financed my vehicle with United Bank of Iowa because they have outstanding service. Brook went out of her way when I needed help to make sure I didn't waste my time."