Dr.Kohl 2016

This fall, the United Bank of Iowa lenders had the special opportunity of learning from and interacting with Dr. David Kohl. Dr. Kohl has traveled almost 9 million miles throughout his professional career which spans 36 years! He has led more than 6,000 workshops and seminars for agricultural groups across the United States and Canada.

We are extremely thankful to have the opportunity to learn from Dr. Kohl. A few United Bank of Iowa lenders share their biggest take-aways and learning points below.

"What sticks out in my mind about his visit is the ability to figure the “Burn Rate” (The rate the farmer would burn thru his working capital and run out of funds) . This is the ability to run some figures and let the farmer know that if things don’t change, either by his efforts, or prices, then he will only be able to stay in business so long!" 

-Jeannie Krueger

"A favorite quote of Dr. Kohl is always “Cash is King!” and 3 important aspects of a Financial Statement are “Working Capital, Working Capital and Working Capital!” The main point he made however was there will be lots of positive opportunities for those who are properly positioned for a bright future in agriculture."
-Clay Miller

"A few things that stuck out to me that I ended up writing notes down on were:

-There are 2.1 million US Farms and of that number, 260,000 farms account for 60% of the total farm debt

-Better is better, before bigger is better. (love this quote!)

-Farmers should be: Conservative in good times, courageous in tough times, consistent all the time. -Jake Heuton

"Although we’re in a challenging environment, this doesn’t mean there won’t be any opportunities in ag for the years to come. This environment will cause most producers to be more proactive, plan ahead, execute, and monitor results in all aspects of their operation. These producers will be positioned for success along with potential growth opportunities as we wait for better times ahead." -Dylan Bogenrief