Cubby's - Odebolt

"...everyone in the office is willing to help out, they have a great team atmosphere."

Steve Vander Wel, manager of Cubby's convenience store is a daily business customer at our Odebolt United Bank of Iowa office. We sat down with Steve to learn why he believes "the Difference is Here." He said "I truly enjoy going into the bank everyday because everyone is so friendly, helpful, and has a sense of humor."

"United Bank of Iowa is unique because of the fact that everyone in the office is willing to help out. I've been to other banks before and if the tellers are swamped, the loan officers will just watch because being a teller isn't their "job". At UBI, there have been multiple times that I have seen everyone helping customers at busy times of the day."

"In the convenience store business it is sometimes difficult to anticipate how much coin will be needed for a holiday weekend and there have been many times where Neil and the staff at UBI have gone out of their way to help me out. If I were to refer a friend to UBI, I would tell them that it's the most friendly and helpful place in town!