Carroll - Carroll HS Employer Showcase

Jim Friel, Branch Manager in our Carroll office, recently presented to a group of about 70 sophomores and juniors at Carroll High School as part of the Employer Showcase. The goal of the presentation was to familiarize students with real career opportunities and to allow them the chance to ask questions of local professionals.

Jim commented "I started the conversation by introducing myself and United Bank of Iowa and sharing a little of our history with the students. They were very interested in learning more about the company culture so we touched on incentives, employee goals/promotions, benefits, and how to be involved in the community. I explained that there is a wide range of careers available in our company and ways they can get started as a student. The students were curious to know more about interviewing and communication skills so we talked about volunteering, non-verbals, appearance, how you walk, being on time, sample interview questions, and how to answer common questions." 

"Overall, it was interesting to see how the banking industry is perceived through the eyes of a young adult. I feel that we all walked away learning something about each other."