2019 Scholarship Recipients

We would like to congratulate all of the 2019 graduates. United Bank of Iowa offices awarded $18,000 worth of scholarships to graduating seniors. The following were recipients of a United Bank of Iowa scholarship:

Devin Behrendsen, Ida Grove
Nathan Blocker, Fort Dodge
Bradi Bohlke, Kingsley
Cole Brake, Rembrandt
Madison Bruck, Denison
Jack Bryson, Churdan
Dylan Collison, Blencoe
Jessica Eighmy, Glidden
Grant Gasner, Storm Lake
Nathan Hanson, Pomeroy
Ty Houston, Mondamin
Jacob Hoxsie, Glidden
Anna Langel, Templeton
Kennedy Mason, Holstein
Chase McAlister, Rockwell City
Nathan Montgomery, Fort Dodge
Spencer Philip Moon, Lake City
Jacob Nicholson, Rockwell City
Dakota Powell, Early
Allyssa Obrecht, Harlan
Cameron O’Connell, Anthon
Peyton Schultz, Kiron
Shelly Sherwood, Dow City
Isaac Smith, Carroll
Kendall Snyder, Storm Lake
Abbie Streeter, Lake City
Jacie Teague, Sac City
Madison Treinen, Marcus
Jessica Truitt, Glidden
Tyler Ray Vohs, Moville
Mariah Wilson, Glidden
Pictured above: Scholarship Recipients  Dakota Powell, Early, and Devin Behrendsen, Ida Grove, with
Marcia Cates, VP Marketing, Ida Grove
Pictured above:  Kent Ahnemann, Ag Loan Officer/Trust Officer, Aurelia with scholarship recipient  Cole Brake, Rembrandt 
Pictured above: Scholarship recipient Jack Bryson, Churdan,  with Alec Schneider, Assistant Ag Loan Officer, Churdan
Pictured above: Scholarship recipient Nathan Montgomery, Fort Dodge, with  Shaunna Abrams, RE Loan Officer, Fort Dodge
Pictured above: Scholarship Recipients from the Glidden office

Mariah Wilson, Abbie Streeter, Jacob Hoxsie, Jessica Truitt, and Jessica Eighmy


 Pictured above: Scholarship recipient Allyssa Obrecht, Harlan with Stacy Ferry, Personal Banker, Harlan


Pictured above: Onawa Scholarship Recipient Dylan Collison, Blencoe


Pictured above: Brenda Beneke, Personal Banker, Pocahontas, with scholarship recipient Nathan Hanson, Pomeroy


Pictured above: Scholarship Recipient Jacie Teague, Sac City, with Carol Hansen, Real Estate Loan Officer, Sac City


Pictured above: Scholarship recipient Peyton Schultz, Kiron with Al Weiss, VP Regional Branch Manager, Schleswig

Pictured above: Scholarship recipient Grant Gasner, Storm Lake with Jacob Schable, VP Office Manager, Storm Lake

Pictured above: Scholarship recipient Kendall Snyder, Storm Lake with Jacob Schable, VP Office Manager, Storm Lake