The United Difference - My Debit Card


New...My Debit Card feature in our Mobile App  

Now you can manage your debit card and prevent fraud right within our mobile app.
  • Block and unblock your card
  • Set blocks for low balance, transaction amount, online and phone transactions, foreign transactions, etc.
  • Set alerts to send to a text message or email
  • (These are the same benefits you may already use with the Shazam Bolt$ app)
  • If you haven’t tried our mobile app, download it today and start enjoying all the convenience it offers!
    • Check your balance
    • Review transactions
    • Transfer money
    • Pay bills
    • Locate ATMs
Note: If your phone is set to auto-update, the new app will automatically be pushed to your device. If your phone is set to manually update, you will get a notification stating there is an update available.

Tips to Prevent Mobile Banking Fraud

We all love the convenience of Mobile Banking! Mobile banking is safe and secure. However, you cannot be protected when you give a scammer your passwords. Please take these precautions to keep it safe!
  1. NEVER give out your Online Banking passwords.
  2. Beware of scammers who ask you to send money or a gift card back to them.

Here are a couple typical fraud cases we have seen:

Overpayment Scam
A customer is selling a couch for $100 on an online classifieds site and the buyer, who is a scammer, asks for their online/mobile banking password to deposit the $100 in their account. A mobile deposit is made by the scammer for $1000 by “mistake.” The scammer then asks the seller to buy gift cards to pay them back. The customer sends gift cards and the check deposited by the scammer has now bounced, leaving the customer liable for the bounced check.
Loan Scam
A customer signs up for a loan online. The “loan servicer” tells the customer in order to send you the loan proceeds they will need your online/mobile banking password. A mobile deposit is made into the account by the “scammer” and they tell the customer they have sent the wrong amount. Then they have the customer wire the money back to them. The customer has no idea they are being scammed until the original deposit is bounced leaving the customer liable for the amount of the money they sent.